Imani "Taylor Rebels" Wilson
New York, NY

Bio: Once upon a time, a kid from the bronx moved to new jersey with comic books, video games and movies close to his heart. While he seemed to never lose touch of his home or the things he loved, he discovered the world has so much to offer. Armed with obscure movie references and lines he was utterly mesmerized and consumed to set out to create art of his own. On this journey he would find others like him who too set out for self-discovery to many distant lands and every weekend they would perform their rituals in front of their playstations or xboxes accordingly or set aside time for a YouTube short feature or even debate the many tales of Marvel or DC lore. To this day he can be found living out his pursuits in a township in new jersey creating said art for a local township and its TV network while remaining steadfast on his goals. He is, I am, Mani. I love travel, culture, movies, games, art my chuck taylor converse and cologne collections and the simple things in life. Making new friends, rising to challenges and occasionally stepping out of my comfort zone! While I'm based out in the NY/NJ area, there's no telling where I'm off to next. For adventure!

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